written by PrimeHammer

Trip to Denver

Published by David
3 min read

In March we made a business trip with a team of developers and colleagues from OAK’S LAB to Denver.

Search by radius in Redis

Published by Ondrej
3 min read

Since version 3.2.0 Redis that was released on May 6, 2016, the database introduces geospatial commands. Simply said it means that you can ask database like this: I would like to get list of nearest airports in selected location. Let’s extend this use case with pagination and implement it with Ruby.

Report from NG-NL 2017

Published by Matej
4 min read

Amsterdam. Big, cosmopolitan, English-speaking, bicycle-riding, welcoming city, where a typical everlasting scent “guides” you throughout the streets. Your camera won’t stay in your pocket or backpack for long, because the first building you see, is the Amsterdam Central Station.   Amsterdam Central Station The location of this building is great for tourism because it’s a […]

Ruby Stories 2

Published by David
< 1 min read

Three weeks ago we hosted our next episode of Ruby Stories series. This time in a new venue that is usually used for theatre plays.  So it had a nice acoustic suitable for speaking without a microphone.

Test Pyramid

Published by Jiří Werner
6 min read

Why do testing at all? It goes without saying that modern web development cannot be done without some form of automated testing. Working on a code base without a solid test suite is just creating problems in the long run and inviting a lot of future pains when your new feature breaks the app, and […]

Open-Closed Principle in Ruby

Published by Tom Kadwill
3 min read

Open-closed is one of the SOLID principles, an acronym originally coined by Uncle Bob. In this post I will cover what open-closed is, why it is important and how it applies to Ruby.

Our First Ruby Stories

Published by David
2 min read

Ruby community in Brno hasn’t been active recently and we wanted to bring some fresh air. So we organized a new event that is focused solely on Ruby. It’s called Ruby Stories. What were the talks about? Who came?

Vive: A Revolutionary Network for Modern Women

Published by David
2 min read

We are delighted to give you an update on the benefit of the Vive network for modern women. We remain focused and devoted to offering our clients the very best experience ever with Vive. Vive makes beauty is easy and simplified.

Ruby Brighton 2016 Report

Published by David
3 min read

Welcome to Brighton! South from London. Ruby. Beach. English breakfast.

Introducing a new GoPay gem for handling payments

Published by Ondrej Zadnik
3 min read

Hi everyone, I’m Ondrej and I’m a co-author of GoPay Ruby gem. In this blog post, I’ll tell you how we make our lives easier when handling payments via GoPay REST API.