written by primehammer

Ruby Stories 6 Report

Concurrent Ruby, Stimulus JS and Heroku. This time, we decided to get back to our Ruby on Rails roots and share our experience with the community. Find out more about the talks at the Ruby Stories 6 and download the slides.

PrimeHammer and Oracle developers gave in-depth talks about the concurrent-ruby gem and how to use it to fetch data from multiple APIs, the StimulusJS Javascript framework by Basecamp and why we use Heroku at PrimeHammer.

The meetup took place at Otevrena zahrada, which is a modern venue with beautiful garden for networking and enjoy the last sunshine before the winter kicks in. Inside a conference hall our spekars have given the following talks:

Talking to multiple REST APIs effectively with concurrent-ruby by Petr Chalupa (Oracle)

Basic introduction to the concurrent-ruby gem and the new versatile Promises API included in the 1.1.0 version. Petr showed an example of using the gem to effectively talk to multiple REST APIs, and what you could get back if you decide to contribute.

Petr and his presentation

Single-page application is not the only way by Jiří Werner (PrimeHammer)

Can server-rendered HTML with some Javascript sprinkles be good enough for your application? We explored one of the possible solutions to avoid the increasing complexity of the front-end development. A brief introduction to Stimulus – the new Javascript framework from Basecamp.

Jiří introducing Stimulus

Heroku features that we love by David Hrachový (PrimeHammer)

Brief introduction to the Heroku cloud platform and how easy is to deploy and run an application. We discussed selected features, like review apps, that make the development more productive and shared our hands-on experience over multiple years.

David talking about advantages of Heroku

Feedback and final remarks

We are excited and pleased that many developers took time and came to the event. We welcomed some of our long-term supporters but a few new faces as well. That is exactly why are we doing these events and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

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