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Ruby Stories 8 Report

VCR War Stories, Work-Life Balance and Designing GraphQL APIs. We believe that any Ruby developer can benefit from these talks and interesting topics. Find out more about the talks and download the slides.

Experienced developers from PrimeHammer and an ex-GoodData developer, gave in-depth talks on the following topics: VCR War Stories, Work-Life Balance and Designing GraphQL APIs. See attached slides at the end of this post.

David Hrachový opening the meetup

David Hrachový opening the meetup

The Ruby Stories 8 meetup, traditionally took place at Otevrena zahrada. Our favourite, modern venue near the city center which serves as an amazing place for such meetups. Let’s take a closer look at the talks together:

VCR War Stories (Kiwi)

Jan Zdráhal shared an enriching insight into analyzing and making Rails tests fast. He showed us how to utilize one of the well-known libraries to record HTTP requests and save precious developer’s time and company’s money.

Jan Zdráhal fighting the slow test suites

Work-Life Balance

Matej Minárik’s first non-technical talk let us think about our work-life balance. The premise of the talk is that maximizing the productivity at work and being smart with our leisure time activities can go a long way in terms of personal satisfaction, happiness and overall well-being.

Matej Minárik balancing between work and life

Designing GraphQL APIs

Filip Zachar gave a brief introduction into GraphQL concepts and walked us through the most common pitfalls while designing an API with this technology. Things like proper scoping, namespacing and naming conventions can tremendously boost your experience.

Filip Zachar designing GraphQL APIs

Feedback and final remarks

We were very happy with number of participants and hope to see them again at the next Ruby Stories. The slides for each presentation can be downloaded below.

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