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David, a white young man with brown hair, stands on a bridge over an Amsterdam canal.

primehammer folks intro: David Veznik

We have talked in depth about our company culture and the values we uphold with it, but we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. They say if you want to really know a company you should talk to their employees, so today you are talking to David Veznik, a developer and a member of the primehammer family for over three years.

David, a white young man with brown hair, stands on a bridge over an Amsterdam canal.
David in Amsterdam for the Reach conference.

David’s origins: finding primehammer

What field do you work in?

I work as a React developer on an internal application for a very prominent stock exchange. Our application is used by exchange operators to check the status of specific transactions.

How did you first cross paths with primehammer?

I came across primehammer when I started actively looking for a new job. I worked in Industry 4.0, i.e. software development for Smart Factories. It was alright, but it lacked the prospect of enough JavaScript projects to stimulate my interest. I was happy, but I felt that my mission there was complete. I didn’t want to wait and see whether the company would eventually get a cool project, so I started looking for new opportunities.

Still, as I liked it there, I didn’t want to move to just any position and accept any offer that came my way. I specifically searched for a cool company where I would have the opportunity to work on interesting projects and further develop myself as a developer.

At primehammer, I got the chance to work on a FinTech project in its infancy. I was able to influence how the architecture of the UI side of the project would look like.

Why primehammer: professional challenges + company culture

What convinced you to stick with primehammer?

I was pleased with primehammer right from the start. I was the first member of a team working for one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world, and that was tough and exciting in many ways. For starters, I was now dealing with high-profile customers. On a more practical level, I had to get used to working with colleagues in different time zones (US vs. Czechia).

All challenges aside, everything clicked, and I quickly became a solid member of the team. I ended up staying on that project, which I am still a part of today.

David poses for a photo while hugging a colleague, both wearing a black primehammer T-shirt at the primehammer Christmas party.
David (right) at the primehammer Christmas party.

What is your favorite thing about primehammer?

I love the freedom that primehammer gives us. It doesn’t matter where I work, or from when to when. What matters is that the work is done and that the client is satisfied.

I also appreciate the high education budget. It has allowed me to attend developers’ conferences, and primehammer will even cover travel and accommodation costs. These are amazing learning and networking opportunities.

Last but not least, I’m very happy with off-work activities such as team buildings, nomad coworking, breakfasts together… It’s nice to be part of a fun team where we can share more than work.

Ten primehammer members pose for a photo at a curling venue.
Curling with the primehammer family.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve worked on recently?

Since we need to process and display large amounts of data in the shortest time possible, the biggest challenge has been to optimize the UI components to make their use smooth and user-friendly. This requires going into the smallest details affecting the performance of the application.

So far I’ve been successful, but it’s a never-ending process. Whenever we add something new, I have to make sure the app is fast enough.

Beyond developing, more developing

How do you like to spend your free time?

I always have some ongoing side projects I like to spend part of my free time on. I need to keep up with technologies that we don’t necessarily work with on our main project. I’m currently working on a web3 project.

Outside of tech activities, I enjoy playing sports – mostly running, working out at the gym, or playing football. Mens sana in corpore sano 😉

A man stands on the beach, wearing dark winter clothes, staring at the sea.

Did you enjoy getting to know David? Would you like to meet more members of the primehammer family? Stay tuned, more of us are looking forward to chatting with you in the next weeks!