written by primehammer

What IS primehammer? Meet our company values

If you are here, you have probably figured out what primehammer does: team augmentation. We build engineering teams for innovative companies. We are a software studio dedicated to making your life easier, whether you are an engineer or a tech company. But what about what primehammer is? To answer this question, let us introduce our company values.

In this era of cool taglines and catchy bios, how do I reduce something that we worked so hard on creating to one label? We have now somewhat formalized our company values, reflecting on why and how we have been delivering successful services for over 8 years. We are so excited that we just can’t wait any longer to share them with the worldwide net!

Introducing our company values

Our four main values include providing quality work, promoting well-being, communicating with respect and honesty, and encouraging personal growth. Read on to find out how we put them into practice in our daily life.

1. Quality work is vital

I’ll get the most obvious one out of the way first: quality work is vital. The phrase ‘less is more’ really applies here – we prefer to have 10 enthusiastically happy clients than 50 barely satisfied ones. We are proud that our customers get to sleep peacefully.

We give realistic goals, and we always keep our promises. We promise to help build great products that shape the future through innovative engineering teams, and we actually do it. There are many good products out there, but our motivation is to aim for excellence. Efficiency is crucial, and our strategic location allows us to provide top engineering talent for affordable rates.

Delivering quality work to clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

2. Well-being matters

We believe that people who feel well, work well. When you feel good about your life and your job, you are motivated to give your best. Keeping a sustainable and balanced lifestyle brings better results long-term (as opposed to deadline-induced results followed by burnout).

This doesn’t mean no deadlines, it means better structure. We take advantage of agile methodologies, such as sprints; we work overtime only if a situation strictly requires it; we don’t just between projects – one thing at a time done well is better than ten things at a time done poorly.

This often leads to engineers staying on the project for a longer time, which is something clients prefer, too – some of our clients have been with us for over 8 years!

Sharing spaghetti is a great way to build the team spirit!

3. Respect and honesty are our language

We are friendly and communicate in an honest, straightforward and respectful way. We believe in constructive feedback, and we always keep it kind. This way, the work environment remains productive but comfortable, and everyone’s voice is heard.

4. Personal growth is key

We believe we can only grow as much as our people grow. That’s why our engineers get to travel on team-building activities, broaden their tech stack by attending conferences, and experience nomad co-working from countless locations all over the world.

Meeting heroes like Matz, creator of Ruby.

Clients don’t pay for this, and they get access to this acquired knowledge whenever one of our engineers joins their team.

I hope my words were able to give you a sense of what primehammer really is. We are a small company providing reliable senior software engineers to our clients in Europe and North America, trying to do things a little bit differently. We are trying to learn from the industry’s mistakes – the hustling life is overrated and work doesn’t have to be crazy!