written by primehammer

Zbynek, a white man in a black "primehammer" t-shirt, poses for a photo while holding his laptop.

Zbynek and primehammer: it’s not over till it’s over

Are you thinking of joining the primehammer team and want to know more about the life of a primehammer engineer? Are you wondering what boosting your engineering career might look like? Read all about Zbynek, a world-traveling Java engineer, and how meeting primehammer changed his relationship with his job.

Once a primehammer engineer, always a primehammer engineer

My relationship with primehammer started as a short-term time-limited cooperation, which turned into a three-year (and counting) life-changing journey, and I couldn’t be happier with this plot twist.

Nine members of the primehammer family (8 men and a woman) pose for a picture while sitting on a couch around a coffee table in an indoor setting.

It was initially supposed to be a one-year cooperation. The plan was to save some money for another trip to Asia or to invest in a startup, but before I knew it, I was in love. I was assigned to a world-famous American client, and so far they have been extremely professional in our cooperation and very satisfied with our service. I found there some of the best leadership I’ve ever encountered in the IT development industry, and it was an honor to work in such a team. The job is challenging and stimulating – the project infrastructure processes billions of transactions every day.

Zbynek poses for a photo standing up on an indoor background, with a laptop on his arm and a black primehammer T-shirt.

More than work

One of the strongest perks I get from working at primehammer is the feeling of being well taken care of. I get to attend conferences I am interested in around Europe – for instance, I traveled to Malaga a few times for the JOTB – J on the Beach conference. primehammer organizes great team-building events in beautiful places across the Czech Republic and the EU, as well as in Brno, where our headquarters are located.

My favorites include flying to Lisbon, visiting Krkonoše in the Giant Mountains, and the autumn curling event in Brno, not to mention our regular breakfasts at the office. Although we have the freedom to work remotely as much as we want, our headquarters have a unique atmosphere. We even get a budget for the purchase of home office equipment and for educational courses.

Work-life balance: not just a catchphrase

“The only constant in life is change” my first boss once told me, and he was right. Three years flew by, colleagues from the startup group have had children, and instead of Asia, I moved to Wanaka, New Zealand. Although primehammer and I have agreed to stop cooperation with the American client due to the major time zone difference, we have already brainstormed new project ideas. The future looks interesting and full of opportunities.

Ten primehammer members pose for a picture after a hike, with the Czech mountains in the background.

primehammer has given me a new perspective on how I experience my job on a daily basis and what I can expect from my future, thanks to its unique culture, intriguing development challenges, enjoyable team-building activities, and motivating bonuses. The dynamicity of the workplace allows for a stimulating work environment and ever-fresh possibilities in my personal life.

Would you like to work alongside colleagues like Zbynek? Are you an engineer seeking new stimulating adventures? You are in luck: we are hiring!