written by primehammer

Generate Profile Pictures with AI

Here in PrimeHammer, we decided to experiment with cutting edge AI technologies and the result is an app Epic Avatar that allows users to generate their own personalised profile pictures in different styles.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a category of machine learning where computers can generate original new content in response to prompts from the user. Today text and images are the most mature applications of this technology, but there is work underway in virtually every creative domain, even creating virtual characters like Synthesia . Thanks to the recent advances in generative AI tools such as Dall-E 2 we were able to build the prototype for generating profile pictures in just 5 days.

The application for generating AI profile pictures is fully responsive, which means users can easily access it on mobile. Before launch we tested this app internally on PrimeHammer teambuilding event and everybody was excited!

How It Works

Users upload their images via the web app, make a purchase via Stripe, and after that, an AI model is trained on the input images to generate stylised profile pictures with the user’s face. We then sent the user an email with a link to download their generated profile pictures.

Input images on the left side, and the result on the right

Closing Thoughts

We had fun developing this creative app from the ground up. This technology has tremendous potential to transform the way we communicate and we look forward to exploring the emerging possibilities in generative AI.