written by PrimeHammer

Vive: A Revolutionary Network for Modern Women

We are delighted to give you an update on the benefit of the Vive network for modern women. We remain focused and devoted to offering our clients the very best experience ever with Vive.

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Vive makes beauty is easy and simplified.

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Vive is a membership­-based beauty service that provides members with a set number of appointments at top-­rated hair salons in your city for a flat monthly fee. Gone are the days of searching and Yelping for appointments. For the modern woman, bookings can be made both in advance and at the last minute.

Vive kicked off on January 2014 (2 years 8 months to be precise) and is currently live in New York City, Brooklyn, the Hamptons, and Chicago. Vive has raised over $2.3 million from seed investors led by Deep Fork Capital. Vive is presently in partnership with PrimeHammer.

Vive gets you a convenient, top salon appointment in just two taps in the Vive network. Users simply open up the app, browse nearby salons, and select a time they will like to book an appointment. Available options are then displayed to the user, who can simply “book” and head off to her appointment.

iphone_get_start The Vive team believes that beauty should be an oasis from a busy life. They inspect salons one by one, vetting each to ensure a high­quality experience for users to make appointments a special moment to breathe, relax and focus on yourself.