written by primehammer

San Francisco trip

A few weeks ago we set out to visit our client in San Francisco for two weeks and it was our second time that we went there. There is a lot of writing material from that trip, however, in order to make the blog as short and sharp as possible, I picked only two topics to write about today.

Meeting the client

Prior to our trip, we worked remotely, where every day we would see our coworkers’ faces stretched across our screen during our Hangouts session. But now, having sat with them in the real world, in a nice San Francisco office where we paired during work hours and cursed loud and played weird youtube songs afterwards, we finally saw them for who they really were, just guys like us trying to get shit done.

Another interesting fact was that we also met the other team members (non – developers), from Sales, Operations and other areas of the business who were in the office and who used the product we developed. They were as critical part of the team as we the developers were and a lot of feature requests came from them, making them likewise responsible for the final success.  

Fun in SF

Going to the cinema can be a boring activity when you are far from home as cinemas are pretty much the same everywhere. Instead, we choose other places which are more interesting to us. For example, during our previous visit we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and to the Church of Scientology (where we even filled the application forms!), while this time we went for other new and amazing places, as can be seen from the photos:

We played some old school machines in Musée Mécanique IMG_20150822_160553

Met Bruce Lee in Madame TussaudIMG_20150818_204007

Sat in a Tesla sport car 2015-08-21 17.55.52

We tested virtual reality with the Oculus VR and Samsung VRIMG_20150820_163731

and danced in the DNA Lounge – a famous music club owned by a former Netscape developer.2015-06-05 23.42.28

However, we only managed to go through a small portion of attractions, but for our next trip I plan to write more about the city and what impressions it makes on me.