written by primehammer

Ruby Stories 2

Three weeks ago we hosted our next episode of Ruby Stories series. This time in a new venue that is usually used for theatre plays.  So it had a nice acoustic suitable for speaking without a microphone.


Over 30 participants enjoyed talks about 3 topics on programming:

Talk 1: Social Aspect of Code Reviews by David Hrachovy

How to maintain healthy communication and avoid flamewars in your pull requests.

The following 2 talks were focused more on hands-on experience at startup Hlidacky.cz

Talk 2: Refactoring by Erich Kaderka

Erich joined Hlidacky.cz development team for a short time and used variety of tools for analysis to identify ideal places to refactor.


Talk 3: Modern Image Uploads by Ondrej Zadnik

Image upload doesn’t have to be complicated. After Ondrej integrated Paperclip and Carrierwave he found a perfect production-ready solution for image uploads – Shrine.

To sum this up, we believe everybody had a great time during the talks and the afterparty.

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