written by PrimeHammer

Our First Ruby Stories

Ruby community in Brno hasn’t been active recently and we wanted to bring some fresh air. So we organized a new event that is focused solely on Ruby. It’s called Ruby Stories. What were the talks about? Who came?



The event took place in a cozy basement in Cafe Falk. And even though it was our first event everything worked out as we expected. No technical failure. But we had to set up our own heating because it was really cold down there- one electric and one gas heating.

Gas heating looks like a jet engine. Pretty scary!
Gas heating looks like a jet engine. Pretty scary!

We were surprised by the number of attendees. Over 40 developers, many of them from AVG, Red Hat. What were the talks about?

Rock-Solid Migrations by David Hrachovy

Almost every migration can go wrong. I presented common mistakes with code snippets and explained why adopting a good deployment strategy can keep migrations safe.

Interactors by Erich Kaderka

Erich talked about making thin controllers and models by using Interactors. He mentioned other solutions like PORO, TrailBlazer Operation, Wisper.

Erich talking Interactors

When Validations Are Not Enough by Ivan Stana

Ivan revised the recent projects he worked on and concluded that there are always invalid models in those apps. How that happens and how to avoid that?

Ivan talks about validations
Ivan talks about validations

What we liked is that the attendees had really good contributions after the talk.

Then there was general mingling, networking and drinking. Having reviewed the feedback it looks like the attendees liked the topics we chose. But there were also suggestions for improvement. So the next Ruby Stories that will take place in 3 months will have some nice changes. Stay tuned!

All presentations are available in PDF below.