written by PrimeHammer

EuRuKo 2015

On this trip, our team went to Salzburg Austria to attend the well-known Ruby conference.

2015-10-17 08.59.50

The conference took place in the modern Salzburg congress building and lasted for 2 days. There were around 7 talks every day, the keynote speech on the concurrency in Ruby being given by Ruby’s author – Yukihiro Matsumoto, also known as Matz.

2015-10-17 10.12.15

We also took a selfie with him:)

There were also other interesting talks during the conference as well. Here are the ones we liked:

Programming as a performance by Joseph Wilk Given by the author of Sonic Pi who was coding on stage and creating interesting music with special effects.

2015-10-17 11.27.57

One Inch at a Time by René Föhring – How to get people excited about inline docs The talk focused on code climate for documentation, a command line tool and CI that gives you hints on what parts of code you might want to document, a good tool to have for new projects.

Learn to program Commodore 64 this year! by Michał Taszycki There are still games released for commodore 64 and it is impressive how high the graphic levels in some of the games are. Start programming here http://64bites.com/.

Refactor ruby code based on AST by Richard Huang Richard introduced a neat tool called synvert which allows you to automatically convert code from Rails 3 to 4, “shoulda” Rspec syntax to “expect” etc, which can save you hours of searching & replacing. A special attention was paid to a DSL that simplifies writing new snippets.

Super-Reliable Software by Simon Eskildsen Tips and tricks on how companies like Shopify or Netflix keep their systems resilient.

There were also other talks interesting talks for which you can find more info on Maciej’s blog post.

Overall it was a very well organised event and personally I’m looking forward to visiting the next EuRuKo, to be held in Sofia.