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5 Compelling Reasons to Hire External Engineers for Your Tech Team

In the fast-paced world of technology, the decision to expand your engineering team is both crucial and challenging. As a business leader, you’re likely grappling with the question of whether to hire internally or seek the expertise of external engineers. If you find yourself at this crossroads, this article is here to guide you toward the compelling advantages of opting for external engineering talent.

Here are five reasons to go for it:

1. Quality: elevate your projects with pre-vetted external engineers

One of the primary reasons to consider external engineers is quality. When you turn to primehammer for our team extension services, you gain access to a pool of already-vetted professionals. Unlike the unpredictable influx of resumes from a job posting, these candidates are pre-screened, ensuring that your team comprises top-tier talent. This saves you valuable time and guarantees a high level of technical skills.

2. Cost efficiency: maximize your budget without compromising quality

Every. Dollar. Matters. External engineers can offer significant cost savings compared to hiring internally. For instance, consider a scenario where you might hire an internal senior engineer in the US for $153,000 per year (and that only covers the base salary, with no additional bonus or benefit).

Chart of software engineer salary ranges according to BuiltIn, showing the average at 153,000$.
Software engineer salary ranges according to BuiltIn.

By opting for external engineers, you can get the same level of expertise for approximately $70,000 less per year. primehammer makes this possible through investments in hardware, conferences, teambuilding activities – making sure the engineer is motivated and stays on the project for a long time.

Of course, it’s not all about the money – culture fit, communication skills, the ability to get things done, and time management all play a role in a beneficial collaboration. Maximizing your budget means saving money without compromising quality.

3. Time is of the essence: speed up your growth

Traditional hiring processes often involve sifting through countless CVs to find the right fit, especially if you are looking to hire more than one engineer. In contrast, team augmentation companies like primehammer deliver vetted candidates, ready to start working immediately.

The relevancy of candidates is significantly higher (around 90%), easing the burden on your hiring managers. This efficiency enables faster time-to-market, making your company more competitive, regardless of its size or stage.

4. Diversity: tap into global talent pools

External engineers provide access to a diverse talent pool, especially from regions with top-notch tech education and affordable costs. Embracing diversity in your team fosters creativity, and brings a variety of perspectives to problem-solving. At the end of the day, both employees and employers benefit from a multitude of experiences and backgrounds.

Say you have a project that needs a group of highly efficient senior engineers – not all projects do, but for some it’s non-negotiable. Hiring engineers externally means not simply picking from the candidates who applied to your job ad but from a larger selection of engineers, including a larger number of senior ones to make up your dream team.

5. You won’t tell they are external

The beauty of hiring external engineers lies in the seamless integration with your existing team. With the benefits of cost efficiency, time savings, and diverse talent, external engineers can become an indispensable part of your company culture. Quality team extension services like primehammer prioritize a positive working environment, ensuring that your external engineers feel like an integral part of your organization.

Ultimately, the decision to hire external engineers is not just a smart business move. It’s a strategic investment in the success and growth of your tech projects. Embrace the advantages they bring, and watch as your team propels towards new heights of innovation and efficiency.

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