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Report from NG-NL 2017

Published by Matej
4 min read

Amsterdam. Big, cosmopolitan, English-speaking, bicycle-riding, welcoming city, where a typical everlasting scent “guides” you throughout the streets. Your camera won’t stay in your pocket or backpack for long, because the first building you see, is the Amsterdam Central Station.   Amsterdam Central Station The location of this building is great for tourism because it’s a […]

Ruby Stories 2

Published by David
1 min read

Three weeks ago we hosted our next episode of Ruby Stories series. This time in a new venue that is usually used for theatre plays.  So it had a nice acoustic suitable for speaking without a microphone.

Our First Ruby Stories

Published by David
2 min read

Ruby community in Brno hasn’t been active recently and we wanted to bring some fresh air. So we organized a new event that is focused solely on Ruby. It’s called Ruby Stories. What were the talks about? Who came?

Ruby Brighton 2016 Report

Published by David
3 min read

Welcome to Brighton! South from London. Ruby. Beach. English breakfast.

Wroc_love 2016 Report

Published by David
2 min read

We spent three wonderful days in Poland at Wroc_love.rb, a Ruby-oriented conference. Here’s a quick recap about our experience.

EuRuKo 2015

Published by David
2 min read

On this trip, our team went to Salzburg Austria to attend the well-known Ruby conference.