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Trip to Denver

3 min read

In March we made a business trip with a team of developers and colleagues from OAK’S LAB to Denver.

Ruby Stories 2

1 min read

Three weeks ago we hosted our next episode of Ruby Stories series. This time in a new venue that is usually used for theatre plays.  So it had a nice acoustic suitable for speaking without a microphone.

Our First Ruby Stories

2 min read

Ruby community in Brno hasn’t been active recently and we wanted to bring some fresh air. So we organized a new event that is focused solely on Ruby. It’s called Ruby Stories. What were the talks about? Who came?

Vive: A Revolutionary Network for Modern Women

2 min read

We are delighted to give you an update on the benefit of the Vive network for modern women. We remain focused and devoted to offering our clients the very best experience ever with Vive. Vive makes beauty is easy and simplified.

Ruby Brighton 2016 Report

3 min read

Welcome to Brighton! South from London. Ruby. Beach. English breakfast.

Wroc_love 2016 Report

2 min read

We spent three wonderful days in Poland at Wroc_love.rb, a Ruby-oriented conference. Here’s a quick recap about our experience.

Introduction to TDD

5 min read

Here at PrimerHammer, we use TDD (Test-Driven Development) as our primary and most trusted method of building code that is sustainable, well designed and easy to read. TDD is what allows us to safely refactor our code without the fear of changing its behavior or “breaking things”. If you are not sure what TDD is […]

EuRuKo 2015

2 min read

On this trip, our team went to Salzburg Austria to attend the well-known Ruby conference.

RailsGirls Bratislava 2015

3 min read

I had the incredible opportunity to mentor a number of ambitious girls in Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia, during the RailsGirls 2015.

San Francisco trip

2 min read

A few weeks ago we set out to visit our client in San Francisco for two weeks and it was our second time that we went there. There is a lot of writing material from that trip, however, in order to make the blog as short and sharp as possible, I picked only two topics […]